Non-ASME Hydro-Pneumatic Tanks

FX Bladder Hydro-Pneumatic Tanks

FX bladder style tanks are non-ASME code design, will be smaller in size than the plain steel hydropneumatic tank design and thus require less floor space. The heavy duty butyl rubber replaceable bladder is a barrier between the air and water which prevents water logging. The pre-charged hydropneumatic tank is virtually maintenance free.

Sizes from 2 to 528 gallons. Standard design working pressure 150 PSI.

FX Hydro-Pneumatic Tanks:

FX series hydro-pneumatic tanks are designed to accept water between two set pressures usually controlled by a pump switch in pressure booster, water well, shock and surge, as well as other commercial and industrial systems where water is to be stored in a corrosion protected reservoir.

FX Non-ASME Tanks
Download FX Non-ASME Tank Submittal Form [.pdf]
  • Shell: Carbon Steel
  • Bladder: Heavy Duty Butyl Rubber (NSF Certified / FDA Approved Materials)
  • Finish: External Baked Epoxy
  • Maximum Design Temperature: 240°F
  • Maximum Design Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Factory Pre-Charge: 30 PSI